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July 2011

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Almost forgot you!

I almost forgot you my little journal. Which, I suppose, is relevant, since I haven't been playing much Pokemon or Smash.

However I did go to a tournament in Huntsville, AL which I suppose I should uh...begin...on...

Where the hell should I begin? Well, first of all my car was on-and-off fucking up the whole time. Pretty much my fault as I was due for an oil change, but I don't really want to hear it. Point is, it was the sketchiest place in the WORLD. Do NOT go to Huntsville unprepared. While there Wario, Popo, and I got inspected by the cops for absolutely no probable cause. Good thing we didn't have anything on us at the time, so they just let us go. They were more worried about us driving a stolen...1993 Honda Accord? Yeah, sounds like a car worth stealing... Totally see why they thought it wasn't legit... after all, someone was sitting in the back seat. Everyone else was obviously about to get in, too. Uhhh.... Guess it was the goddamn Georgia license plate.

Pissin' me off. What the fuck, seriously.

Then we had to stop at a gas station because my car was overheating and it just so happened to be a CRIMINAL HOTSPOT. I witnessed prostitution, drug dealing, very VERY sketchy loitering that I couldn't quite figure out...and I may have overheard abuse. I was there for all of 30 minutes, too... And there were so many cars there (not getting gas or anything, just hanging out) That it was almost impossible to pull out of the parking space... Scary SHIT. Some guy tried to get us to give him a ride and stuck his dirty drunk nose halfway in my window, I was about to fucking scream. I can't stand Huntsville. I will never forget that shit. LMAO.

Anyway, after that all was well, I got home and got my car fixed up and my oil changed. I'm going to change it early this time so I don't forget...UGH. I have the little reminder sticker with the number of miles I have to do now. My mechanic is a little scatterbrained and didn't put it there last time, that's how I managed to forget.

So yeah, I'll try to pay more attention to this now. XD Seeeeya.