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July 2011



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Jul. 11th, 2011


Almost forgot you!

I almost forgot you my little journal. Which, I suppose, is relevant, since I haven't been playing much Pokemon or Smash.

However I did go to a tournament in Huntsville, AL which I suppose I should uh...begin...on...

Where the hell should I begin? Well, first of all my car was on-and-off fucking up the whole time. Pretty much my fault as I was due for an oil change, but I don't really want to hear it. Point is, it was the sketchiest place in the WORLD. Do NOT go to Huntsville unprepared. While there Wario, Popo, and I got inspected by the cops for absolutely no probable cause. Good thing we didn't have anything on us at the time, so they just let us go. They were more worried about us driving a stolen...1993 Honda Accord? Yeah, sounds like a car worth stealing... Totally see why they thought it wasn't legit... after all, someone was sitting in the back seat. Everyone else was obviously about to get in, too. Uhhh.... Guess it was the goddamn Georgia license plate.

Pissin' me off. What the fuck, seriously.

Then we had to stop at a gas station because my car was overheating and it just so happened to be a CRIMINAL HOTSPOT. I witnessed prostitution, drug dealing, very VERY sketchy loitering that I couldn't quite figure out...and I may have overheard abuse. I was there for all of 30 minutes, too... And there were so many cars there (not getting gas or anything, just hanging out) That it was almost impossible to pull out of the parking space... Scary SHIT. Some guy tried to get us to give him a ride and stuck his dirty drunk nose halfway in my window, I was about to fucking scream. I can't stand Huntsville. I will never forget that shit. LMAO.

Anyway, after that all was well, I got home and got my car fixed up and my oil changed. I'm going to change it early this time so I don't forget...UGH. I have the little reminder sticker with the number of miles I have to do now. My mechanic is a little scatterbrained and didn't put it there last time, that's how I managed to forget.

So yeah, I'll try to pay more attention to this now. XD Seeeeya.

May. 6th, 2011


I discovered...

Pokemon porn, and I'm now going to hell.

Anyway tonight is pizza night. Do you know what that means? It means I have to explain to three times as many people that--god forbid--it's two extra dollars for a deep dish pizza. Making it a whole SEVEN, which must be a terrible burden on the people who live in BrookStone, an enormously wealthy neighbourhood from which most of our business comes.

But it shouldn't be too bad. XD At least I won't be desperately scraping for something to do all night like I was Wednesday. I cleaned that nasty sink in the front of the restaurant. And in other good news I got direct deposit going, which is beyond awesome. So now I have a bunch of money going in and out of my account for various things automatically, and it should increase my 'credit score', which I did not have at all until recently.

Guys, I'm old, aren't I? I guess I had to grow up fast if I didn't want to finish college, though, so it's pretty awesome in a way.

I'm hungry as shit though and there's no milk. I don't want dry cereal. T_T Also someone on youtube wants an Eevee and I must check in my games to see if I have the one she wants. Haha, I hope I can do that today.

May. 3rd, 2011


Tournament <3

I attended the best Super Smash Bros. tournament EVER this weekend, BBC in Cumming, GA... it was my friend Lounis' birthday tournament as well, and it was HUGE. Mew2king was there, and the communities from Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, and maybe a few other states came to see us. I finally got to meet elev8, an amazing Ice Climber main who inspired me to keep going and improve at my own pace...and I PULLED OFF A CHAIN GRAB ON HIM! Yes, I actually fucking chain grabbed an Ice Climbers main... It was the first time I've actually done that in a real fight. I think I can do this after all. I'm just a little slower at improving than most people. I'll still get good.

Well after having my shiny Slowpoke for almost a year I finally decided what I wanted to do with it. Relaxed nature is great for a Trick Room Slowbro, and so that's what I'm going to have!

Trick Room
Slack Off
Weird looking little guy, isn't he? I love him ^_^ He's still one level from evolving. I think I'm going to miss my little guy.

Well, I've kind of put a pause on all the hatching. It gets SO TEDIOUS. I hatched quite a few Onix though and I think that'll be my next one.

Hmm what else? Working a lot. I worked a double the other day. @.@' Lonnnggg ass day. And I had the worst cramps of my life during work, too, I don't know how I made it through, lol.

I guess that's all for now. ^_^ I'm gonna go celebrate my one month anniversary ...uh, how do you celebrate that kinda thing if you're broke...? Or even if you're not, I don't know....

Apr. 28th, 2011


A new hunt?

Sooo time for a whole big string of updates on my awesome Pokemon.

I have a whole team is above level 50 now. Once I get them to level 60 I think I'm going to try the elite four again. XD They're all 71 now, in case no one knows that... I won't give a bunch of Black and White plot spoilers and explain why I haven't technically beaten them yet, but let's just say I did beat the game but I have to defeat them again for a certain kind of 'street cred.'

And I'm going to start hunting a shiny again. Yeah, it was inevitable, wasn't it? :P I'm going to lay out some options with pros and cons. Warning, I'm in a fucking silly mood today, lolz.

  • It's gold
  • It can be used in the metagame and is pretty flexible (in case I get the wrong nature grrgrrr)
  • I... it's steelix :p Can't be poisoned
  • I have always wanted it
  • Not as cute and fluffy
  • Only in UU tier
  • Will have to trade it to someone and trust them to trade it back in order to evolve LOL

  • My love will be horifically jealous
  • Very good in metagame
  • Even though it takes forever to evolve, its pre-evos are sooo pretty in shiny form
  • Pretty flexible nature-wise, and the strongest dragon in OU (which I do plan on having a team for)
  • No sex for a week?
  • I might feel conflicted and not want to evolve it, cause Dragonair is pink
  • Eggs take almost twice as long as onix eggs to hatch @_@

Yes, I plan on Masuda methoding both of these...eventually. But who should I go for first? I'd like to hear your votes! ^_^

Apr. 27th, 2011


I think I have some luck after all...

 Egg number 365....

Aiiieee! Then I took it to the moss rock and guess what~

Tis a female, which is super lucky! Naive nature, which is not so lucky, but good IV's...especially the random 30 IV's in HP...what the heck? Well it's going to be good regardless because of the nice speed, and HP is always good, needs to be able to take a hit just in case. ^_^

No, I sadly didn't get my live reaction on video... I didn't know it was going to come only 4 eggs after my update video. LOL

I'll figure out what my next hunt will be, and then I will try to do so XD

Apr. 24th, 2011


I'm dating a furry :3

LOL look what I got my love to admit was sexy...
Oddly safe for work.
It's just some Pokemon cuddling...
But the look on their faces is a little...

That artist also did my current icon, by the way. She's extremely talented!

Anyway, my journey continues. Hatching more eggs. How appropriate for Easter. o3o

Which I might go visit my cousin in Atlanta for.

At the end of today I plan on putting up another video showing how many boxes of Eevees I have... xD I'm not sure how many it will be by then.
Here's a link to the channel, just for shits n' gigs.

It's getting really annoying because I have to press it extra hard when I'm copy-pasting stuff.

Anyway, have a happy holiday for those of you who celebrate. I only do in the Pagan sense, but still, it's probably the same as what everyone else does. xP


This is my 'Pokemon journal.'


I guess I'll try to keep it PG-13.


Well, two days ago I encountered and caught a shiny Cottonee. My reaction to which was "oh, what the fuck, ah, oh my gawd, it's orange! IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE GREEN!" (I was trying to explain to my boyfriend, who has never seen a Cottonee because he doesn't have Black or White yet, but is a Pokemon fanatic as well. He jelly.)

Here's what it looks like. :)

But now I have evolved it into a Whimsicott:

However that was just a happenstance. Now I'm back to business. I have a jolly everstone-holding Glaceon and a Japanese Ditto in the day care and I've hatched over a box of Eevee eggs today. I want a shiny Leafeon. I have, in Soul Silver, hatched over 3 boxes of Eevee eggs. But from what I've heard...that's nothing. People are lucky to get it in under 1000 eggs. Hahaha. I have a long journey ahead of me, but at least I'm making a good dent in it today.

That's all I really have to say, I'm going to get back to that hatching nonsense after I pretty up this journal. :) Wish me luck!